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Huber Károly

Some people react to problems.  We prevent them.

The Institute promotes the use of the systematic method of prevention which will present a stable and sustainable solution to the community, using the combined knowledge, assets, and skill sets of all involved.   

It pursues to most accurately define (review and analyze) a situation, derive the potential problem and its magnitude.  It works for far-reaching gains in areas of health, safety, economy, politics and social environments.  Through programs, it strives to introduce new strategies and analysis that change community-wide systems and foster a new way of thinking where prevention is primary.

The eight step prevention medium ensures the introduction of a self corrective environment, in which all participants possess the necessary information to make educated decisions, as well as allows for a clear route of responsibility and accountability.

The programs encourage interdisciplinary partnerships to help break down isolations; synthesize and integrate knowledge, perspectives, and tools across disciplines; and construct shared comprehensive solutions.

Through effective partnerships, community wide goals can quickly be reached, provided the clear consequences of decisions by all participants or the lack thereof. 

The institute promotes effective, quick, practical and enforceable policy making with measurable results, as it emphases timely and accurate milestone measurements to determine success levels, best practices and lessons learned.

The panorama of prevention and responsibility

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