Európai Preventív Intézet (EUPRIN)

The European Prevention Institute (EUPRIN) (Európai Preventív Intézet) is operated by the Public Foundation for a Responsible Society (Felelős Társadalomért Közhasznú Alapapítvány). Its main initiative is to promote the concept of prevention in the areas of medicine, society, politics and crime. We coordinate information and preventive measures on a number of topics, including the "Safety in Europe" program. 

The Institute offers research, practice, analysis and active involvement in solving and preventing today's concerns. Our goal is to achieve safety and stability for all, in order to improve the Union, and to serve as a focal point for primary prevention practice in Europe.

The Institute takes an active approach by going beyond the issuance of educational and informational messages. Our initiative will systematically and categorically present prevention as a form of discipline and as a priority in decision making. It motivates the community and policy orientation into prevention practices, and it emphasizes the importance of quality prevention strategies.