English for Success

2012 - The foundation started the "English for Success" program in the Budapest children's home (Bolya utca).  The program's goal is to help children learn English, and to learn about the Anglo culture.  In January 2013, the foundation  started a typing program, teaching children how to type, appropriately using 10 fingers, ciritical thinking and responsibility / accountability.

The program promotes the English language as a unifying communication tool in Europe.  Our program focuses on expanding the English skills of children in the children's homes in Hungary.  The pilot is already yielding extraordinary results and is being held in the Children's homes in the Budapest.

Our work complements existing academic efforts.  We tutor students and take a practical approach to teach children to read, write, speak and understand the English language.  

The program is actively managed by the European Prevention institute, operated by the Public Foundation for a Responsible Society.